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Whether you are traveling on a spiritual journey, a business trip, or leisure, Mashaer Travel will get you there with the most affordable options available.

Find your home away from home using our hotel reservation services. 

Relax and let us handle the paperwork. Visas for any country including the Middle East, China, Europe and Africa.

Don't let passport expiration get in the way of your trip. Let us take care of your renewals, extra pages, and new passports.

Whether it's from Home to Airport, Airport to Airport, or Airport to Home, we'll take you there in style and comfort.

Language barrier? We will translate documents and legalization from any embassy in the world.

Travel documents and visa applications available here. Will download directly to your computer. 

Tune in to view webinars that teach the best tips and tricks while traveling abroad.

Watch a live stream of the holiest place in the world anytime and anywhere.

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