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Mashaer Travel Hajj

As one of the 5 pillars of Islam, Allah commands Muslims to complete pilgramage to Makkah at least once in our lifetimes. However, due to high costs, many Muslims spend their entire lifetimes saving funds for the journey. At Mashaer Travel, we believe that high travel costs should not stand in the way between a Muslim and their duty to Allah. Our Economy Budget package makes Hajj affordable, comfortable, and possible even for everyone.

H A J J  2 0 1 3  P H O T O  GALLERY

Hajj 2019 – Package B – Madinah First





Trip Dates: Departure: 1 August  Return: 15 August

(dates can change due to moon sighting or government regulations)

Sold Out - GIF.gif

Routing: Madinah First 

Price per Person

4 people per room         $6,600


3 people per room         $8,000


2 people per room         $9,000

New York, NY

August  1st

Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Sold Out - GIF.gif

Dallah Taibah Hotel Madinah Munawwarah - (or similar hotel)             4 Days

Millennium Hotel Makkah Mukkaramah - (or similar hotel)            

4 Days - Direct Haram Access

Upgraded North American Tents

Mina tents

5 Days

Upgraded Arafat Tent

1 Day  

Jeddah stay

1-2 Days, after Hajj if needed subject to Saudi Government regulation.

D E P A R T U R E 

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

August 15th

A R R I V A L 

New York, NY



-Round trip Air-Fare from/to New York. (All other US cities please Call us 732-707-7861 or Email

-Accommodation in Upgraded North American Tents in Mina.

-Transportation by air-conditioned buses where applicable.

-Accommodation in Madina: Dallah Taibah Hotel - (or similar hotel) close to Masjid-an-Nabawi

-Accommodation in Makkah: Swiss Al Maqam Hotel - (or similar hotel) Facing Masjid Al-Haraam.

-Accommodation in outskirts of Makkah apartment building is a must stay 2 nights before & 3 nights after Hajj far from Haram.

  6 people per room with detached toilet.

-Oriental Buffet meals (Breakfast and only in hotels, otherwise breakfast and dinner).

-Visiting Historical Holy sites in Makkah Mukarramah Madinah Munawwarah.

-Group accompanied by experienced Bilingual Guides / Scholars.





 -Hajj fees $495.

-Qurbani $170.00.

-For Non-US citizens, provide original Green Card, or a copy of advanced parole or one of the following valid visa endorsed on your

  passport: H1B, H-3, H-4, L-1, F-1, J-1, M-1, and R-1.

-Additional $550 per person if a person has performed Hajj between 2014 - 2018, as per -new Hajj visa fees policy.

-5% VAT will be added to package price as per the new Saudi Government rule effective Jan 2018. 

-5% MUNICIPALITY TAX  will be added to package price as per the new Saudi Government rule effective Feb 2018. 

-Date change fees will be applied after ticketing, tickets are non-refundable.

-Any increase in KSA Govt fee, Motawif fee or Mashaer arraignment charges for Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifa services.

-Return prepaid FedEx label for mailing back documents ($50 or up).




Please write check payable to Mashaer Travel 
Package prices, the number of hotel nights and travel dates may change without prior notice.

Should you have any questions, please contact our office (732)-707-7861.

D E P A R T U R E 

A R R I V A L 

Travel documents and visa applications available here. Will download directly to your computer. 

Tune in to view webinars that teach the best tips and tricks while traveling abroad.

Watch a live stream of the holiest place in the world anytime and anywhere.

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